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Top 5 fitness myths you think are true......

Myth #1 – Crunches are the key to flat abs.

Want flat abs? CRUNCHES ALL DAY! Just kidding.

Doing ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups are great for strengthening your core. But know that ab exercises aren’t the magic ingredient to flat abs and a toned tummy. You need to ensure you are burning body fat so your ab muscles can actually show through! HIIT routines paired with eating clean are IT.

Doing moves like double leg lifts, hip twists, and train track abs will truly strengthen your abs like crazy! Pair them with HIIT and you will see results!

Myth #2 – Carbs are bad.

We hear it over and over again and again – that carbs are bad and should be avoided. But this is WRONG WRONG WRONG!

We need carbs to provide us with ENERGY. And I’m not just talking energy to do our workouts, but energy to simply live, work, think and exists. Have you avoided carbs before and then felt super groggy, drained and even confused? That’s because your brain NEEDS those carbs to function. Generalizing that carbs are bad is just silly. Did you know that fruits and vegetables are carbs too? Healthy grains like oats and quinoa are also carbs. Not just white bread, white rice and pasta! Healthy non-refined, non-processed carbs are part of a healthy diet! They also carry fiber which keeps us full longer.

Stick to healthy carbs in your regular diet, and try to avoid those not-so-healthy carbs like donuts, cakes and pastries on a regular basis. Even though they are delicious, they aren’t good for our waistline or our health. But of course, enjoy them in moderation because that’s what a balanced diet is all about!

Myth #3 – You can spot reduce fat.

Unfortunately this isn’t true. We all carry more fat in different areas of our bodies. Some of us carry it in our thighs, others in our tummies, or even our arms. So doing a million crunches like I mentioned before won’t flatten your stomach. Doing doing 100 squats won’t lean out your thighs. Doing cardio will help, but we all tend to lose fat in certain areas more than others, and even quicker than others. Hence why the breasts tend to go first!

So, now it’s time to check in with your diet. Remember, nutrition is responsible for a HUGE part of weight loss. Eating clean, whole nutritious foods and removing processed foods is the best way to help with this. Our bodies are all shaped differently and genetically carry more weight in some areas than others. So it may be easier for one person to maintain a six-pack, but someone who carries more weight in their stomach area will find it harder.

It’s about working with YOUR body and doing what you can to enhance your beautiful features.

Myth #4 – Strength training will make you big and bulky.

Many women are afraid to strength train and lift weights because they think they will get all bulky and manly, but that is NOT TRUE! What is “bulky” anyways!? What strength training WILL do is build beautiful lean muscle mass that will show through. It actually decreases body fat and you’ll look leaner even though you have more muscle on you!

And besides looks, you’ll BE STRONGER not just in your workouts, but in every day life. Don’t be afraid to get stronger and push your limits. The results will surprise you.. in a GOOD way! Oh, and another reason many women are afraid to lift weights is because they think they number on the scale will go up. They will gain weight! This may be true, but remember, assess your progress by how you feel, what you can do and progress pics!

Myth #5 – Cardio is the answer to weight loss.

Running for hours on the cardio machine is not the answer to losing weight. So if you do that and you are miserable about it, know that you don’t have to! Of course, if you enjoy it, then do it!

I’m all about doing what makes you happy! But it’s common for people to think that long amounts of cardio is the answer to weight loss. That’s not true. What is more effective is strength training combined with HIIT workouts. Just like my PIIT28 program does – it combines the two!

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